I’ve been blogging since way back in 2005. I added this blog when I started having serious problems with walking. At that time I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. And this blog won awards as a top Parkinson’s blog for several years.

I was eventually diagnosed as having a Mitochondrial Disease. Each cell contains the mitochondria, which transform the energy of our food into energy the cell can use. They are like the spark plugs of an old car. No matter how high octane the fuel is, if the spark plugs are defective, the car chugs along poorly. I do my best to put high octane fuel in with Super Foods, but the defective Mitochondrial DNA don’t allow my muscles to work properly.

So I spend a lot of my day on the computer. I run two sale sites, selling vintage collectibles on our Dirty Butter Estates Collectible Shoppe and our Dirty Butter Plush Animal Shoppe. I also run, with the help of several other admins, our free Plush Memories Lost Toy Search Service on Facebook. Our original Plush Memories website is no longer active, but all the posts, images, and comments are there to help people who are searching for lost toys. And I have a blog of personal memories and commentaries about past times at Yesterday’s Memories and a blog about the process of building our Plush Animal Catalog.