Cherished Memories

Cherished memories of family and childhood are very important to us all. Remember the old apron Great Grandma wore in the kitchen?  What ever happened to that threadbare bunny rabbit you slept with? Would you like to pass on to your grandchildren a cuddly doll like you had?

We offer a huge selection of gently used plush animals and dolls in our Plush Memories Lovie Shoppe. You’re sure to find items that have deep meaning for you.

Even the simplest of everyday items from times past and beloved toys from childhood can bring back those cherished memories.

Plush Memories Lovie Shoppe


1975 Animal Fair XL Gold Brown HENRIETTA Dog

Has your little one lost their favorite lovie? Do you need a backup, so you will be prepared for the day when it is worn out or misplaced? Or maybe you are looking for that precious toy of your own cherished memories? We can help you pass on to your own grandchildren a plush animal or soft doll like the one you had as a child.

You will find thousands of stuffed animals and cuddly dolls in great condition in our Plush Animal Shoppe.

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Memories of our family and of times long ago are also important to us. You may be interested in reading some of my entries in our Yesterday’s Memories blog.