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Vintage Auto Glasses

Our Dirty Butter Estates Collectible Shoppe always has a wide variety of collectible items for sale. We carry unique items we find at estate and yard sales, and occasionally at flea markets. We also have many items for sale from our relatives’ homes, since we were the executors of their estates. No matter how much I love all their things, there is no way we can keep it all.

We are always interested in advertising collectibles and all types of vintage ephemera. I love to find old aprons and linen calendars in great condition, so you will usually find a few in our store. Sometimes we offer vintage lace, linens, and sewing collectibles.

Beautiful church plates and pieces of vintage porcelain and china always interest me. And we still have quite a collection of old comics to offer as well. We have a large selection of old camera equipment to sell, too.

We invite you to look through all the neat collectibles we have right now in our Collectible Shoppe. You may see some things you remember from you own family memories. These one of a kind finds will probably not be found again, so if you see what you want you’d better buy it while we still have it in stock.

We invite you to come see what we have for sale in our

Dirty Butter Estates Collectible Shoppe!