There’s Lots of Loving Left in our Lovies

3 stuffed monkeys

Our NEW Plush Memories Lovie Shoppe is a great place to find that plush animal or soft doll you’ve been looking for. We carry thousands of lovies in gently used or like new condition.

Are you looking for a stuffed animal or soft doll to replace one your child has lost? Did the family pet chew up the blankie your little one sleeps with? Are you afraid you will lose that cuddly toy your toddler won’t leave the house without? Do you want to put the original lovie away in a memory box while it’s still in one piece and give your child a replacement one they can really play with?

Or maybe you are remembering that special loved toy from your own childhood? Would you like to give one like it to your grandchild? How wonderful it would feel to hold it again, just for the memories it brings to mind? Maybe you want to find that childhood lovie for your grown son or daughter as a special gift? Finding a toy that was sold many years ago can be challenging, for sure.

We sift through hundreds of plush toys every week, looking for special lovies in excellent condition. After years of selling plush toys online, we have a good eye for what people want to find. Every once in a while I will rescue some bedraggled teddy bear or cloth doll that shows so much loving, because I can’t bear to think of it being thrown away. It’s like it’s just calling out to me. But usually we only buy toys in very good condition.

So no matter what the reason for your search, come check us out. Please bookmark our site. Even if we don’t have what you need now, we might have one for sale the next time you visit us.

Plush Memories Lovie Shoppe