Yesterday’s Memories

Do you enjoy reading about the way things used to be? Do you journal? Maybe you’re a history buff? Do old things fascinate you? Are yesterday’s memories more and more important to you?

Memories are extremely important to me, probably because I don’t have a very good memory any more. As I get older I am saddened to realize how much of my early life is a blank. I started this blog to preserve as many every day and very important events that I could remember. And I have found that the more I write, it triggers even more memories.

So much has changed since my parents were born in the early 1900’s. My Daddy lived to the ripe old age of 102, and his mind was sharp almost to the very end. He loved to tell stories from his childhood, and I have written some of them down for everyone to read. I only wish I had been wise enough when I was younger to keep more of his stories.

I was born during World War II. And I remember seeing WWII ration tickets my Grandmother had saved that had my name on them. I have vivid memories of the Civil Rights era, too. We married during the turbulent Vietnam Era of the 60’s, survived several market crashes, and raised two wonderful daughters.

I hope you enjoy reading through my Yesterday’s Memories blog posts, where I reminisce about the way ordinary people used to live and the everyday items they used. Many stories are personal, but others are about important events that happened during my parents and my life. We welcome your comments as you read about the way things used to be.