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My Other Problem — 2 Comments

  1. It’s very challenging to plan days out with mobility issues. As for the walker before you spend the money you might want to check with two places locally- senior citizen centers and first aid squads. FOlks donate used equipment to them all the time and they sometimes have it sitting there just waiting for people to ask for it. (The equipment adds up financially!) Glad I found your blog – I am sure your thoughts/solutions will help me – and many others.

  2. This whole idea of planning with mobility issues in mind is so new to me, Ruth. My puny little problems are so miniscule, compared to what you and so many others deal with, that I feel like a whiney baby by comparison.

    When I started trying to do research on PN, though, most of what’s available deals with diabetes, cancer, or HIV causes, and there’s not much out there on anything else. That’s why I decided to start this journal online, hoping to find others with PN similar to mine to talk to.

    But finding you was a true Godsend for me, an unexpected blessing.

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