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  1. I saw a link to your blog over at Wheelie Catholic. I have CP and sometimes my balance is worse than others so I keep a walker around for bad days. I hate to use it but it gets easier the more you do it. I think it’s good you posted about this because lots of people have these feelings too. Nice to meet you and good luck. I’ll stop back and see how you are doing.

  2. It’s nice to meet you, too, Charlie. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has felt that way about “giving in” to a cane or walker or wheelchair.

    I’ve watched my own Daddy resist using a walker for a long time, when he really should be. I won’t borrow his, because that would be all the excuse he needs to not use it at all. Besides, it would scare him to think I was that “bad off”, even though he’s been around my walking struggle all this time.

  3. I posted awhile back about a car wreck I had.

    Spent more than a month as I recall with a cast on my ankle. I got pretty good at wheeling around the grocery story; it really is fun. 😎

    Interesting, though, how “dinner” in Amish Country evolved into a shopping marathon…me using a walker going from store to store trying to keep up with my mom and TheSpecialOne. Two real jokers.

  4. I hadn’t been this far back in your archives……I’m sure reading this has helped others adjust to the same predicament..

  5. You’re right, of course, Stjernesol, but knowing it’s for the best and actually giving in to the emotional side of it was something else.

    Now that I’m on medicine for the Parkinson’s I don’t use the walker any more, but I do use a cane if I’m having a bad day or going somewhere unfamiliar.

  6. 😎 I remember how much fun it was as a child to go to Kiddie Land and ride the little cars around a track. In this day of go-carts and even battery operated cars for toddlers, I don’t guess a scooter at K-Mart is much of a thrill for most people, but it was FUN for me, Kilroy!!

  7. Hello…my father was in your position, exactly. A strong man always who could conquer the world. He has peripheral neuropathy and cussed the walkers. We thought he was making excuses, he said they were to short so he had to hunch over like an old man…that he couldn’t feel his feet so he would fall sideways. We said “ya, ya, ya, excuses excuses”. Finally, he BUILT his own walker. It is ingenious. He now walks, snow or shine, and proudly, two miles a day with his walker. Even when it’s below zero. No more excuses and he is in better shape than he has ever been, and never worries about falling sideways or hunching over. He even brags that he built a storage space just for his whiskey! We are all very proud of him.

  8. Fantastic!! Sizing Walkers and Canes is super important! If it is the correct hight your wrist should be even with the top of the handle when you stand straight up.

    When I graduated to using the cane I was so dependent on it that I was stooped over a good bit. But as I walked more and more my muscle strength improved. I suddenly realized one day that the cane was too low, where it had been perfect.

    So, since he is so much better than he was when he made his walker, it would be a good idea to get him to check to see if he needs an even taller one now.

    He might want to look into Trekking Poles, too. I love mine. They can be bought in adjustable designs. They are for sports use, not disability use, so you don’t feel even the least bit “handicapped!”

    PS. They do make commercial walkers for overly tall and/or overly wide folks.

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