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Acid Reflux Still, Plus Procrastination???? — 4 Comments

  1. Depression and PD seem to go hand in hand, I suffered from depression for years. After taking god knows how many pills and going to councilling I finally realised it was down to me to get myself out of my depression and so far its going ok, sure I have down days but I can live with that.
    Are you sure youre not developing a spanish view on things? Years ago a boss of mine used to call me Mr Manyana, “why do today what you can put off until tomorrow” looking back he was spot on about me and i`m still like it now LOL.


  2. I agree about not wanting to take any more pills! I’m on enough as it is, plus the Cymbalta I’m taking is partly an anti-depressant, anyway. I was so terribly sick with the leg weakness and the colitis coming on, too, that I think I just developed some bad habits that the PD, if that’s what it is, is just making worse.

    If you can work out your depression for yourself, I can sure try. Thanks for the encouragement, Tim.

  3. Just wondering if the fatigue from your leg weakness/colitis etc. is still hanging over you enough to slow you down. It can take some number of days to regroup after going through that! Take care.

  4. I can definitely tell that the right leg, where the Peripheral Neuropathy is most prominent, is still weaker than the left. I’ve exercised enough and my diet is back to normal enough to overcome the weakness from the colitis.

    All I’m dealing with now, as far as walking is concerned, is what appears to me to be Parkinson’s. I should know this week. I’m not walking normally by any means, but getting along pretty well with the cane. I do tire easily still.

    Thanks for asking, Ruth. Did you enjoy your tennis holiday?

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