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Blog Move Is Finished, More or Less — 2 Comments

  1. I have just switched over to blogger beta, but haven’t made any changes as yet.

    As I read the above post, I can well understand the tight muscles and headache. Trying to fix something on the computer, which won’t be fixed, would put me in a terrible place!

    I spoke in depth with our friend who came for a weekend visit; I have a clearer understanding of what you’re going through now.

  2. I’m used to contrary computers, so I really don’t think the headache and neck pain are coming from the computer troubles.

    As for your friend, he’s so much farther along with PD that I doubt we have much in common. Plus, there are so many different ways that PD effects people, with so many different symptoms. It’s really a strange disease.

    Did you have any better success with your meal this time? I hope so, as you surely tried.

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