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Feeling Better and Optimistic — 6 Comments

  1. Wahay, Zelnorm to the rescue, stupid name for it tho. Glad things are a bit better, woke up all depressed as winter seems to have arrived here, popped over here, quick read, only one big word in the post… RESULT! LOL

  2. Sorry old man winter has you depressed, Ripley, but you’re right. It does appear that Zelnorm is going to give me good results!

    I really meant for this to be a personal journal, so pardon all the details. I debated on whether to even make it public or not, but I knew I would need as much help emotionally with this disease as I would medically, so I decided to make it public.

    As for the crazy name, they advertize on TV, so it has to be memorable LOL.

  3. Hi DB,
    Just stopped in for a look and will be back. I plan to read the whole thing.

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