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Information on Swallowing Problems with PD — 4 Comments

  1. You’re right, Janey. These guidelines would be helpful to anyone with swallowing problems, such as someone who had had a stroke, or an Alzheimer’s patient.

    We also used something called Thickit, that you can get at any pharmacy, without a prescription, to thicken runny liquids with, so that my mother could handle foods she would not otherwise be able to swallow, such as soups.

  2. Good Morning DB, There is sound advice here for people without PD! Especially, taking the time to eat.

  3. Thank you so much for this awesome post! I really didn’t expect this, but I am so grateful you did.

    I tried posting once before; Google was having difficulty and swallowed it, I think.

    I was heading in entirely the wrong direction with regards to the meal…thinking roast chicken and mashed potatoes and a couple of veg.

    I am thinking, now, more of a soft casserole dish as the entree. Paul has difficulty with hand/eye co-ordination, which is why the linguine I served last time was difficult for him.

    It will be wonderful to see our old friend and have the reassurance that I am giving him the best hospitality I can. And your post helps me to do that!

    Once again, my heartfelt thanks!

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