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Life’s Unexpected Turns — 2 Comments

  1. Oh, DB, I know what you’re saying. My mother, at the age of 85, who has not walked in many years without her walker, suddenly has fallen five times in the last three weeks.

    We have caregivers come in three times a day, for an hour or so each time. It doesn’t work anymore; we now had to up that to the maximum care we are eligible for. We had to meet with her assessor and have the need re-addressed. She now has a registered Nurse come in once a week, with caregivers three times a day for a couple of hours each time.

    My mom won’t use the button, either. And she lives 40 miles away from me. So it has been a scary time…I understand a bit of what you’re going through.

    I hope hospice comes and gives you some help, I don’t know what the rules are where you are.

    I’m so glad you had a warm, family filled Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh my, Marion! I can’t imagine how you’re managing from 40 miles away, particularly if you can’t get her to use the button.

    LOL I don’t know what the rules are where I am, either!! hehe I’m just hoping that going to the doctor’s today will eventually lead to getting us some help.

    And yes, we did have a very nice Thanksgiving.

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