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Took Daddy to the Doctor — 2 Comments

  1. I just wanted you to know how amazing you are, DB.

    I know how tiring it is to take Mom to the doctor’s. Last time we took her, she fell out of the car, into an overflowing gutter. And THIS was a handicapped parking area!

    The doctor had to come out of his office to help us pick her up, as she was an absolute dead weight. He saw her very quickly after that.

    Poor Mom…I wish there was more I could do, but she fights us…she wants her routine, with no changes!

  2. Oh, Marion, YOU are the amazing one, if you survived her falling out of the car without having a nervous breakdown yourself!! Have you ever approached your doctor about prescribing her something like Atavan? If you tell him she gets agitated easily, and be sure you use the word agitated, doctors will usually try to help you out.

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