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My Digestive System Is Behaving! Not So Sure about Us?? — 6 Comments

  1. I too get frustrated sometimes at needing help. I’ve learned over time not to take that out on others- mostly because I I could see how I hurt other peoples’ feelings. Sometimes people just had to tell me how badly I was acting – and as hard as that was to hear, it really helped me in the long run to manage to be considerate. You’re all in my prayers – tough situation.

  2. The frustration my mother feels at her situation, on oxygen and the beginnings of dementia, has shown up in bitterness and anger directed at her family and hospital nurses.

    I don’t have to live with it, as she is in hospital, but I imagine the day will come when I will have to put down boundaries. With her present outlook on life, she is hurting many people who don’t deserve her anger. Somehow I will have to make her aware of what she is doing, and it will be soon.

    I feel this, just as you did. I hope the “talk” with my mother will do some good!

    So happy to know the medication is working!

  3. Ruth, I can see why someone young would feel terrible frustration at requiring so much help. I’m glad you have learned, maybe the hard way, to not take out that frustration on those who are trying to help.

    It is a tough situation, and I do appreciate your prayers.

  4. Marion, I don’t envy your situation. With dementia setting in, it may not be possible to reason with your mother. Even if she understands your discussion and improves her behavior for now, it’s likely to regress as she goes further into the fog of dementia.

    The nurses should be “immune” to it, as long as they continue to give quality care. Family, on the other hand, will have a hard time with the hurtful words. I know my DH and I did with his Dad, no matter how much we tried not to let them hurt.

  5. Good luck with the new medicine. I hope the transition isn’t too troublesome. You really are doing a valuable service by posting about your journey with Parkinson’s. And I hope continue to get out for those “dates.”

  6. Shelia, those Date Days are a large part of my keeping my sanity, I do believe! LOL

    From what I’ve read on the Internet, the only drawback I expect with the Zelepar is that it tastes bitter. Hey, I can go brush my teeth, right?

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