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  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling unwell. And I’m sorry you subjected yourself to my rant!! Gol, glad that is over. I wasted wayyyy too much time on that person.

    Anyway, how are you? And don’t be afraid to tell me just because I’m grumpy. I’m mad at myself and therefore anyone, and everyone else, except those in worse pain than me… I need people who are suffering… So I can get outside my problems… and feel something else.. compassion, love, unmerited care…
    instead of this cloud of anger and disgust.

    Thanks for listening. I want to be there for you, if I may.

  2. Well, I didn’t mind listening to the rant at all. I just hope it did you some good, Merry Mama, as that was some big time venom you let loose there!

    I’m certainly not feeling well, mainly because it’s turning into a daily thing with me. My weight loss is an indication of just how much I’m avoiding eating, in an attempt to avoid the cramping and bloating I’m getting with every mouthful of just about anything.

    You’re apologizing for one post of venting? This whole blog is my vent and rant about how I feel each day. I write it for me, and it surprises me that anyone else would put up with reading all my pity party long enough to want to comment on it. That just goes to show what good friends you can make online.

    We’ll just have to be there for each other, OK?

  3. Yes, DB, thank you for listening and doing my thinking for me, at times!

    You have so much on your plate…it must add to your PD symptoms, and I think that an earlier visit to your doctors would be a good idea.

    I know only too well how hard it is to force food down that won’t digest well. I can stay away from food all together, and that’s not good.

  4. Marion, I’m just glad I could help a little. I did get the appointments moved up, so that’s a start, anyway. I weighed a little while ago. I’ve lost 12 pounds in a couple of months or less, I think, unintentionally.

  5. I just finished writing a thank you on your other blog and I saw a post on Parkinson.
    I don’t have Parkinson’s , but My dad did, my mom is still involved/runs two support groups on Parkinsons’ in Norhtern NJ .If you have any questions about med or anything, please ask me & I’ll forward it to her. She’s got lots of knowledge on the subject > and I guess I do to.
    I owe you one for finding “black cat”

  6. Why, thank you very much, Wendy! I may take you up on that offer at some point, but for now I’ve been able to satisfy my desire for information with good ole Google.

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