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Miralax, Zelnorm, Glycerin Suppositories Update — 6 Comments

  1. The hospital bed came day before yesterday, but he accidentally brought two foot boards, instead of a headboard. He promised he’d bring back the headboard first thing yesterday, but he didn’t. As it is right now, I can’t raise the bed to get to a comfortable height to change and clean up Daddy and get him partially dressed before I get him up. I called Hospice this morning to ask them to make sure the supply company fixed it today. My back would certainly appreciate it!

    I sent a link to your post about the elbow problem to two Villagers I thought might know someone who could suggest something. I’ve received a reply from one already, saying he would ask among his colleagues.

  2. I suffer too but my hobbies keep me going next i want to sell my painting on ebay that is going to be a challang since my sighht is almost gone i see about a foot in one eye and the other is just fog. i have other medical problem as well. my memories and emotions are reflected in my paintings
    A wise man said i no longer seek pleasure but try to ovoid pain

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Lloyd! I took a look at your art, and found it very interesting. For someone who depends on the mind’s eye to paint, you really have an intriguing style.

    Oh, by the way. I saw your post about Scratch Board Art. We have a scratch board artist on our BLOG VILLAGE TopList you might be interested in.

  4. Yeah! The headboard came! He said if I had not called this morning I would not have gotten it. The man who promised to have it here yesterday never told anyone it needed to be delivered!! Can we spell Customer Service?? NOT

    I’m very glad it came, Marion. It will help me a lot.

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