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Things Have Settled Down Again — 6 Comments

  1. That’s right Dirty Butter we have to make the most of the “good” times and renew our strentgh for the “bad times”. Glad everything is on an even keel at the moment.
    I’m sure the hospital bed will be of a great benefit and hopefully your Dad will find it comfortable.
    Sending best wishes to you all

  2. I’m glad you have a hospital bed, too, DB. It will help a lot!

    I hope he takes to it well. It will give you more of a sense of security as well.

    Sending many hugs,

  3. I don’t think the bed is going to be a problem, Marion. He didn’t object last night, and he was not hurting as much this morning, either. And it does give a little peace of mind. Not that someone can’t climb over the rails, because they certainly can! Even at 90!!

  4. You really amaze me with how you manage as well as you do.

    I am so glad to hear you have the hospital bed now and it makes your Dad more comfortable.

    I never realized your Dad had reached 101.

  5. I appreciate the kind words, Jackie, but I sure don’t feel amazing. We’re just dealing with life one moment at a time, the best we can.

    Daddy will be 102 in March!!

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