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Sleep? What’s That??? — 11 Comments

  1. I’ve been meaning to do a post about this whole “I want to go home” business, but I haven’t had time yet. I, too, describe his furniture, etc., every day. It just doesn’t seem to stick.

    As for the spelling, I’m not ready to give in to that yet. It’s kinda like the walker. It’s an admission I’m just not ready to make. I do let my true state of mind show with Joe, because he needs to know he’s not alone.

    The fact that I’ve mentioned it, though, in my post, shows that I’m not far from relinquishing just one more piece of myself to the Parkinson’s. I’m just working up to it, I guess.

  2. I understand so well the problems with sleeping. I luckily am in fairly good health but I know when I had flu I didn’t dare take anything that would make me sleep too heavily for fear of not hearing Mick if he coughed or choked. Even when I can sleep I don’t…..maybe an hour or two and then I’m awake again…yet I feel tired and yawn all day. Crazy!!!
    I understand your concerns that your dad does not recognise your home. I too worry about this with Mick; every morning for 18 months I make the same 5 minute conversation with him; telling him we sleep downstairs as he can’t put his weight on his feet AT THE MOMENT; we have a new tv; we have different curtains etc….as though it was all done yesterday!
    I am glad your Dad’s sore areas are healing well….much credit to you for that. Keeping your Dad safe and comfortable is the important thing….please don’t worry about trivial things like spelling mistakes……wee awl mayke themm….LOL
    Sending you Happy Thoughts and cheery (((hugs)))

  3. I thought I was right that Greg Moore had lived/worked at Smallbridge Hall. I’m glad I quoted the page again, as you must have overlooked that sentence. Not hard to do. One moment they’re talking about the butcher shop, and the next Smallbridge.

    As for the typing – your wording is probably better – I’m just not in an optimistic frame of mind about it right now. The habit of backspacing and putting the letters together correctly every time I mess up is a strong one, but it’s hard to maintain the train of thought when I constantly back up. FireFox warns me right away when I goof, even inside blogger comments, so the mistakes can be fixed. There are just so many of them. It’s embarrassing for someone to see what I write in such a mess. After all, I taught school for 29 years! LOL

  4. Have just read the comment you left re; Greg Moore. What a fantastic discovery!!! This is definitely sounding more promising again. I did so many searches after the last information you gave me but this never came up. Thank you, thank you.
    Re your Parkinsons…..I know to little to fully understand how hard it must be for you. Maybe mentioning it means you are FACING it not that you are relinquishing yourself to it? I wish I could help.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, RUTH, but for now I’ll keep trying to make it look right. Don’t be surprised if you see my gibberish sometime way too soon, though.

  6. It is the content of what you write that is important. Hope you get a little more sleep tonight.

  7. I hope you have been able to get some sleep. I am thankful you can continue to keep Blog Village running. I don’t know how anyone can not get down when we are faced with dealing with the decline of our parents. On so many levels, it’s hard. I hope today is a good day.

  8. Lack of sleep is terrible for a relatively healthy system, let alone dealing with Parkinson’s at the same time.

    And dealing with aged parents is so emotional, even in a healthy body, DB, so it’s no wonder you feel down at times.

    You’re allowed to. Hang in there.

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