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Tremors Galore!! — 10 Comments

  1. I have known people with both peripheral neuropathy and parkinson’s but never with both! My mother-in-law had parkinsons. She had terrible tremors, but the medication (sinimet?) controlled it mostly. The lady I knew with peripheral neuropathy was barely able to walk until she started gammaglobulin infusions. After that it was barely detectable that she had any problem, and then only when it was nearly time for her next infusion. (She took them about once a month I think) The last I saw her she was still taking the infusions and doing okay with it.

    God bless you!!

  2. My Neurologist hasn’t mentioned the Peripheral Neuropathy in a long time. Thanks for making me think about that, as I see him next week.

    I’ve really been too busy trying to deal with the Parkinson’s. I can ignore the occasional stinging or numbness easier than I can not being able to walk!! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by, Patience. I took a quick peak at your blog, and it looks like your family needs some hugs and prayers right now.


  3. I am having a good day today, Ruth. My back is getting better, and I’m getting several short spans of sleep every night now without medication. I don’t think I could take sleeping pills right now, anyway, with Daddy choking in his sleep.

    So far the tremors have only hit these two nights. I don’t really have much medicine in my system then, as I take the Zelepar about 6:00AM to be ready to help Daddy when he wakes up. I take the other one about 1:30PM, so I can get some sleep that night. That way, I’m at full strength when I need it most. By the time I go to sleep at night, it’s pretty well out of my system.

  4. Oh Rosemary I was really hoping that I’d find you had had a good day with no further problems. I know so little about parkinsons so can in no way help you with advice……but sending lots of {{{hugs}}} and love

  5. I know all too well what it’s like to have insomnia. I only sleep 3 to 4 hours a night, and that’s on a good night. The irony of it all is that insomnia is both a symptom of the Parkinson’s and a side effect of a good percentage of the medications used to treat the disease.

    The up side of it all is that I have found a way to use my awake time creatively. I am attempting to write a novel, and the insomnia allows me to write page after page without cutting into family time or househod chores.

  6. I do the same thing, Joe, except for me it’s working on the computer. This is the time I read and comment on BLOG VILLAGE blogs, answer my comments, do research, etc. I love the Internet!!! I can sit in the dark, not wake Daddy, and go all the way around the world.

    It is a shame that so many of the Parkinson’s meds make the insomnia worse. That’s why I have to take the second dose of Zelepar so early. If I get busy and forget to take it until later in the afternoon, I don’t sleep that night.

    PD meds aim at increasing the available amount of dopamine in the brain, but they also increase the amount of Seratonin at the same time. That’s why the insomnia … And it is a “feel good” insomnia.

    But I don’t feel so good by the next afternoon, when I’m so tired!! Does that happen to you, too, Joe?

  7. I hope you have managed to find some sleep, DB. I am sorry for the tremors.

    Insomnia, though, I can relate to…I have suffered all my life with this. I turned it around,however…and like you, use this time to write or blog, and love the quiet times in the night.

    But, also like you, the next afternoon is tough to get through!

  8. I’ve been very pleased with how willing to reply to a stranger’s emails so many people have been. I try to mark the subject line in such a way that they can tell it’s not just SPAM. And I always include the link to your story about the painting, so they can tell it’s a legit search.

    As for me and Daddy, I’m going to try to get a post up today if I can.


  9. I have answered your comment in my comment box but in case you miss it…..wasn’t it kind of Libby Moore to answer your email. Well done in tracking her down. Although she was not the one we were looking for at least we now know not to pursue that area any further. So my Sherlock Holmes Pitbull…(LOL) don’t be disappointed….we now have one dead end out of the way! I hope you are coping ok with your own health and that you Dad is adjusting to his new bed etc.
    Much love

  10. I do get an awful lot done in the middle of the night, Marion, but those dragging afternoon times are no fun at all.

    We share insomnia, too?? TWINS!!

    I haven’t asked in awhile … how’s your Mama doing???

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