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We Have BOOTIES!! — 6 Comments

  1. I’m glad the booties have FINALLY turned up; you did well holding your tongue with the nurse. You must be so angry knowing that they are TRAINED to know how easily a pressure area can come about yet you are left over 2 weeks!!! I’m glad your Dad has opened his bowels with after all your endeavours; he must have been feeling very uncomfortable.
    I hope your own problems settle down; and I can imagine how worried you must feel that your own health and strength will let you down when you need it. Try not to be afraid; you are doing everything you can and more….if you are feeling your strength letting you down think very hard about me and and imagine that I am there helping you…perhaps some how you will feel that little extra strength coming across to you.

  2. DB, I have had some trouble lately with comments on yours and others’ blogs…Google bugs, I think!

    I admire your continuing strength and commitment…I could not do it. And yet,even with PD, you show me how you do it, day by day.

    You, by your honest stories, inspire me every day to try harder!

    I feel your exhaustion; please take care of yourself.

  3. It’s Blogger, for sure, Marion. I’ve had the same problem with some blogs.

    Everyone has to come to terms with their own ability to be a caregiver. And no one has the right to judge another in what decision they make. Nor should one person judge themselves by another’s apparent care giving abilities or determination.

    So, Ms. Marion, you’re not being fair to yourself to feel like you have to do more than you think is right in your situation! Hope you don’t mind me fussin’ LOL!

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