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What a Difference the Right Equipment Makes!! — 7 Comments

  1. The bed is going to make things a whole lot easier, once I can get Daddy used to the routine of rock and roll, as you put it. He just can’t seem to understand that he can’t get up and walk the way he used to be able to. He asked me tonight how was he supposed to go use the bathroom during the night, with the rails on the bed. He seemed very surprised when I told him he hadn’t been able to walk anywhere by himself in two months.

    I hope someone comes up with a good idea for a way to pad that wheelchair for Mick. As heavy as he looks, I can’t imagine how you manage. Do you turn him in the bed to try to control bedsores? We used to do 30 minutes on one side, 30 on the back, and then 30 on the other side during the day, but less frequently at night, so I could get some sleep!

  2. I am so pleased that the bed arrived and is making things easier for you. I know what you mean by the rocking and rolling as I call it…..I’m so glad your Dad didn’t fall out!
    Thank you for your mention of my particular problem and for taking the time to try and find a solution….the bruise is slowly fading…quite technicolour!!!
    Take care

  3. Because Mick’s arms are so permantly clenched it is very uncomfortable for him to lay on his side and he can’t wriggle himself to get into a comfortable position. I have to just try and position him slightly differently on his buttocks.

  4. I appreciate you trying, Jeremy. I really didn’t know if you would have contact with anyone who might be able to help Ruth or not. I just took a chance that, since you are in a science field, you might possibly know someone who could figure something out.

    There’s just bound to be some way to fix that gap in the wheelchair arm!!

  5. I asked around a bit, DB, but I don’t have many friends in the medical industry.

    I will continue to search, however.

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