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  1. He had another peaceful night. Both of our daughters were here yesterday, and younger DD brought our twin granddaughters with. They had lots of questions, were nervous at first, but soon took it all in stride.

    I got one good nap while they sat with him, and will try to do the same, while younger DD is still here. The girls made a pallet in the LR floor, and she slept in the twin bed in the room with Daddy and me. That worked out just fine.

    Just keep us in your prayers.

  2. Rosemary, you are right not to change your medications now. Maybe the stress is causing the more severe tremors. I don’t know much about what you are living with, just a layman’s guess and I’m sure you get a lot of that well-meaning but not helpful.

    May your daddy continue his journey as peaceful as possible. My heart is heavy for you and your family.

  3. It is good to hear that your Father is sleeping peacefully and I do understand your reluctance not to change your meds during these final precious times; but please be careful that you don’t put yourself under too difficulty; I know your Daddy would not want to see you suffer more than you need to.
    Praying with you that he continues in his peaceful sleep and hoping that you will spare some time to sleep peacefully yourself.
    Sending love & hugs from all our family

  4. These really bad tremors don’t happen too often, and I can adjust when I take the meds up to a point, so I have it in my system when I need it the most.

    Your continued prayers for his peaceful passing are most appreciated, Sheila.

  5. I am glad to see your Dad is peaceful and they have his pain under control. Like Ruth says I feel you must be careful not to tax yourself too much you have to still go on living and making yourself ill will not help. Your Dad will understand.

    Is there no way you could possibly have a place near him where you can take a catnap if you tire while sitting with him?

    Hope the swelling in your arm is going down.

  6. I’m taking care of myself as best anybody could under these circumstances. We pulled the living room recliner back to the bedroom, so I’m comfortable, and can sleep in it. It’s jut getting my body to let me sleep that’s the problem. He’s on every 3 hours now, so my mind isn’t having a chance to settle before there is another round of activity.

    Our DD’s are here, plus SIL and DH, so there are plenty to spell me – I just can’t sleep!!

  7. Sending a huge hug to you, DB. Your family are all in my prayers…I am so glad your daughters are there.

    I hope your Daddy continues to sleep as peacefully as possible. It sounds as if you are doing everything possible for yourself.

    I continue to hold you in my thoughts, DB.

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