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Getting Back to Normal? — 6 Comments

  1. Tylenol is quite overrated but doctors continue to feel it is the best thing out. At least it shouldn’t harm you if you only take it for 3 days.

    I have always wanted one of those little trampolines as I remember when young how the trampoline used to firm me up extremely well. Do you find you are able to keep your balance well on it ?

    Glad to see things are normalising in your life and hope you are having a wonderful Easter.

  2. I’ m happy to read some positive thoughts coming across from your post. It is early days for me yet, due to the Easter Holiday Weekend I have to wait until tomorrow before I can start to deal with anything. Even our doctors surgery is closed and so it will be a day or two before I can even get a deathe certificate. Still at least I have had a couple of days grace and a chance to shed some tears before the reality kicks in.

  3. The Orthopedist wants me to take the Tylenol for an extended period of time, Jackie. I’m supposed to see him in a month, and that’s a long time to be on it, but he says that’s what my insurance expects, if he is to get permission to do the MRI.

    As for the trampoline, it is fun. We have a Great Room, with the sofa cross ways between the living room and dining room parts. So I put the trampoline behind the sofa and hold onto it if I need to. Don’t get any mental picture of big bounces, though. I’m not doing much more than stepping in place and mildly going up and down. It’s also good for swinging the arms, which makes the whole body go up and down. It’s perfect for gentle exercise that’s easy on the joints. I’m up to about 10 minutes at a time right now. Weee!!!

  4. Ruth, I am so overwhelmed to see that Mick has passed. I’ve had time to read all your posts that I’ve been missing, and I am so glad to see that he went peacefully.

    All my love!!

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