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Peripheral Neuropathy Rears Its Ugly Head — 8 Comments

  1. It’s good that you got specific feedback about what’s going on. Walking is a very complicated thing which people don’t realize until our bodies don’t cooperate! Hang in there, sending you hugs…

  2. We take so much for granted when things are working as they should. It seems so trivial to be talking to you about this, though, Ruth, as I’m sure you would be happy to be having my problem with walking.

    Thanks, as always, for checking on me and for the hugs …

  3. I’m so glad you’re going for PT, DB. She will give you great coping skills as well…I hope your insurance will cover lots and lots of sessions.

    I think I have five massages and 20 PT sessions a year on our insurance. Between the two, I have changed my “funny” walk back to something resembling normalcy, lol!

  4. I hope going for PT will help. It has to be discouraging but maybe you will be able to strenthen those muscles. She sounds good and it’s nice you feel comfortable with her. I’ll be thinking about you. You are so nice to leave an encouraging comment at my blog.

  5. I have no idea how many sessions my insurance will allow, Marion, as I’m on a different one than I was the last time I went to a PT. I’ll just have to make sure I make good use of each time, plus do all the home exercises she gave me religiously.

  6. I see the Orthopedist in a couple of weeks, and if I’m not noticeably better by then I’ll be going to the Neurologist as soon as I can. The problem with PN is that you don’t really communicate with your muscles the way you should, Sheila, so it’s hard to know if I can strengthen the muscles.

  7. I can’t help you out on the PN surgery information, George. Compared to the PD, it’s just not been that much of a problem for me. The Physical Therapy I had for my knee and hip and thigh muscles helped me tremendously. Have you been to a PT yourself?

  8. I am hoping to get some advise about surgery for PN….have you guys had surgery yet and can tell me what to expect..

    I am 80 years old but in darn good shape…..

    Many thanks

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