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Physical Therapy Continues — 5 Comments

  1. Rosemary, while you are down today I think you have every right to feel the loss. I hope writing about it helps. It always helps me with whatever problem I’m having. I have no idea what you are facing, but it isn’t depressing to read about and I think you will help others understand because of your attitude which I have to say is a whole lot better than mine would be.

    Hope the Date Day is fun.

  2. I’m with Sheila…I am constantly in awe of how you deal with PN and Parkinson’s and how you educate me about the medications, symptoms and just good knowledge that you have gained. I would be whining, which is never the case with you!

    Your ability to accept shines through your posts, even when you feel down. Have a Happy Date Day!

  3. We did have a great Date Day, Shelia and Marion. We didn’t buy much, but we had fun and got to poke around in a really interesting house that had been shut up just as the owners left it several years ago. That was creepy, but neat, too, as they were obviously very creative and interesting people. I would have loved to have known the story behind why the house was just abandoned like that, but my guess is that it was stuck in Probate.

    I’m glad I don’t sound as dreary to you as I do to me. It does help to get the feelings down on “paper”, plus I like to share what I’ve learned.

  4. Sorry to hear about the physical problems you are having at the moment but glad to see that you always have such a positive attitude.

    Thanks. You are right about echinacia. The general feeling is that it is bad for MS due to it boosting the immune system which is not good for MS. I have added a warning to my posting on my blog.

  5. I’m always careful to tell the doctors which vitamins I’m taking, but I never thought to mention the teas I was drinking. Thanks for checking on this for me, Jackie.

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