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Decided Against It — 6 Comments

  1. haven’t heard from you in quite a while,

    I hope and pray you are ok


  2. Wow, DB! Have you ever progressed! What a wonderful feeling it must be to see some improvement…even if it comes at the expense of sleep.

    And it sounds like you are doing very well without St. Vincent’s. Your determination and courage will push you forward, even if it is on your own time and terms! Way to go!

  3. I’m sorry you haven’t been able to get much sleep. The long trek to St. Vincent’s would be hard and I can see why you opted out of going there. Good luck with the home program.

  4. Hi Tami,

    Thanks for all your help looking for our toy requests. I’ve been busy trying to catch up with our eBay sales, plus all the changes that were necessary with the Post Office rate changes. I’m getting a lot done .. just not blogging.

  5. I am making great strides of improvement, Marion, but the lack of sleep is beginning to show up, particularly in the afternoons. We have a regular exercise routine worked out, and I’m proud of my accomplishments.

  6. The big problem with home exercise programs is that you are not paying for them, and there’s not an appointed time to be there. Those are both incentives to keep going, even if you don’t feel like it. LOL

    But I’m doing really well on my own, Shelia. It’s just a matter of thinking of it as if I were paying for it, and don’t want to “lose” my money!!!!

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