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Sleep Continues to Be Scarce — 4 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear you aren’t sleeping. Glad to hear about the rain. Guess Gov. Riley’s prayers have been answered a bit.

    On the basement issue, I can identify since ours is a mess with me not knowing what to do with other’s stuff. I hate the disorder. And that problem with what to do with big items since you live in the country is a dilemma. Now I know why we see so many washing machines on the front porch in the South. Least your old one isn’t there.

  2. You cracked me up over the washing machine on the front porch, Shelia. And you’re right – maybe that IS why you see so many in the rural South!

  3. I just read this about you having trouble with constipation.

    I told you about the Reliv… well they also make a powder you drink that is called Fibrestore.

    It does absolute wonders for constipation and it also is an antioxidant.

    I have a couple of cans and would gladly give you one if you would like to try it.

    Also… I was thinking about your trouble sleeping… have you tried eating turkey before you go to bed. You know… the whole triptophan thing. I don’t know if I spelled that right, but it helped me when I was having trouble.

    Well, let me know and I would gladly send you the FibRestore.

    People helping people… that is what it is about.

    you can also buy it on ebay.

    take care.



  4. I really do appreciate your generosity, Tami, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be any trouble for me to get some for myself. I really want to thank you for the information, though.

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