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Startle Reflex Does Me IN!! — 6 Comments

  1. DB, I felt so bad for you. I can’t begin to understand. One thing I found that helped me during my bc experience, was to turn off the subject for a while. I couldn’t restore my body, but I could try to clear my mind for a few hours.

    After I’d spent hours on-line at a support discussion forum, most times I found the support I needed and tried to help others experiencing similar journeys. But when I began to lengthen the time away, I discovered I felt beter and thought less about my state of being or what bad thing might happen next.

    I hope these changes slow down and give your spirit a chance to catch up.

  2. I’m sure you’re right, Shelia, that I’d be better off I would get some time away from reading and writing about PD. That is easier said than done though, as I really do want to chronicle my journey, both for my own use, but hopefully to help others as well.

    Between exercising specifically to alleviate symptoms and constantly taking pills, aware with almost every action that things are not as they used to be, it’s hard not to be defined by th Parkinson’s.

    You know what you’re talking about, having been through it with bc, so I’ll really really try to take your advice.

  3. I tend to be preachy, but you have to do what makes you feel best. My husband would come in and see me on the computer and say, “Are you still on that thing?” I am just appreciative of the Internet where we can connect and share. I can’t imagine you finding this kind of very personal information a few years ago. Doctors, as good as they might be, don’t go into the details like someone who has been there, done that can.

  4. Being able to read what other people have to say about all these symptoms that doctors tend to ignore is very important to me, and I think to others as well. That’s why I’ve been so public with my own situation. I still see what you’re saying, though, Shelia. The old expression around here is, “Rave On! Preacher!” I really appreciate your feedback, and it’s taken with love, as I think it is given.

  5. Thanks for the visit. Sad your Doc says no chocolate as the dark, milk free chocolate with 75% minimum cocoa is excellent for health, in moderation of course. Only migraine sufferers need be wary.

    I am sorry to hear about you getting startled as it isn’t nice if your have the physical problems you have and can really hurt as muscles contract. I am used to it as I often fell out my office chair, to everyones amusement, if anything like a door slammed. I also never sit in the end seat at the movies especially with a thriller or I land up in the aisle and then everyone around me jumps LOL

  6. I really miss my chocolate, Jackie, as I’m quite the addict. But, I pay for it when I indulge.

    As for the startling, I always thought I was a jumpy person, but you had me beat hands down!! My DH used to delight in spooking me, but he doesn’t try that any more, now that I react so wildly. Does anyone do it to you on purpose?

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