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6 Doctor Visits in 6 Days!! — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my. What next? This is too much. I didn’t realize you had the sleep apnea too. My husband couldn’t wear the c-pap and only lasted one night trying it. He ended up getting his tonsils removed and some work on a deviated septum. That helped some. Hope this helps improve your situation with sleeping and that the surgery goes well. You need a break for sure.

  2. I am falling apart, aren’t I, Shelia? LOL

    Evidentally at least some of the insomnia is from mild Sleep Apnea. He thinks I will be better off if I use the CPap. I am struggling to adjust to the horrible thing, myself, so I can certainly understand how your husband felt.

  3. Those are horrible things, those c-paps. I know I could not wear one and sleep besides.

    I agree with Sheila…this is really too much. I’m amazed at your cheerful acceptance and in awe, too. You do have great courage and strength.

  4. I’m just enough of a claustrophobic to be having trouble wearing it. Don’t get me wrong, Marion, I cried and cried in the middle of the night out of frustration that I could not stand it. That’s when they changed the mask.

    Last night wasn’t much better. I got upset, yanking it off several times, and finally went to sleep without it. I took a sleeping pill, thinking I would be able to calm down enough that way to manage it. No such luck. It didn’t put me to sleep.

    But, the good side was that somewhere around 2:00AM I decided to try it again, and I slept until almost 7:00!

    You give me far too much credit if you think I’m handling this all hitting me at once very well, ’cause I’m not!

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