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CPAP Saga Continues — 2 Comments

  1. James, I’m glad you did decide to comment, as I sometimes think I’m just being maudlin by documenting all this. I hope you come back sometime soon.

  2. I am very sorry that you have this disease, I have read a few of your posts and I wasn’t going to leave a comment because I couldn’t think of saying anything without sounding patronising. But I have to leave a comment because I am touched and very impressed by your diary you are allowing us to share with you.

    I would imagine you have heard and probably read Anne Frank’s diary. About her time as a jew during WW2. Her’s was a story that had to be told, just like yours.

    You tell it like it is, how we have to know! I also hope that just like Anne Frank’s diary, yours will go on long after we have departed from this existence. I hope you receive this comment with kindness and my thoughts are with you.

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