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Things Not as They Should Be — 4 Comments

  1. You’re right, of course. I am lucky, as most people don’t show signs of Lyme disease until long after the tick has let go and moved on. Then it’s a problem diagnosing what the problem is, as Lyme disease has a lot of symptoms common to many other disorders.

    It was just the timing of finding it on top of the doctor’s news that made it more upsetting.

  2. Oh, DB,not Lyme disease on top of all else. I am so sorry…I have caught up on your previous posts; I just wanted to say your ability to keep a full life with all the health hindrances is truly an inspiration!

    If you do decide on surgery, I hope that it will be successful. I will pray for a miracle.

  3. Yep, my doctor poked around in the bite and pulled out some pieces of the mouth that we missed. It’s very irritated right now, so it’s a hives looking place now over an inch across. He said I did the right thing coming straight to his office this morning. We were there, camped out on his doorstep, when he opened. He put me on two weeks of antibiotics.

    Thinking about you, dear Marion.

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