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Trying a Different C-Pap Mask — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, you’ve had a long stint of hot weather. Here, it’s just a memory…I even have the furnace on in the mornings.

    Six hours straight, DB…congratulations! You must feel brand new. If there’s anything that can keep my resolve up, it’s enough sleep.

    I’d be crying too, if I were you. There’s a lot to cry about…and a lot to laugh about, too, I bet!

  2. Uggg We’re cooking down here. I am very pleased with the amount of sleep. I didn’t even wake up when DH turned out the lights and went to bed. I’m working on such a sleep defecit that I don’t think one night is going to make me feel much different, but it’s certainly a start.

  3. There is hope. With six hours rest you have to feel better. But think about it. The lack of peaceful rest has to contribute immensely to the crying outbursts. You were so frustrated by the inability to make the cpap mask work. Who wouldn’t have cried! Anyway it made them give you a better one.

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