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Trying a Different C-PAP Mask — 10 Comments

  1. I wish you luck, and I will certainly pray for you. I can tell you this from experience – your doctor is right, it will help you with the whole brain fog thing. I have been wearing a C-Pap for almost a year now. It did take a little getting used to, but now I couldn’t imagine life without it. I feel so much more rested.

    I have an idea for you, if you are willing to try. It’s a very simple relaxation technique that I would reccomend you try for 20 minutes or so before you even put the mask on or try to go to sleep.

    First, find a comfortable sitting position. (It’s important to be sitting, and not lying down when you do this because your lungs will expand further and easier)

    Once you are comfortable, try to let your muscles relax. If you can’t let them relax at first it doesn’t matter. If you do this on a regular basis you will notice that pretty soon they will relax on their own.

    The rest is all about breathing. Close your eyes and take a slow (and I emphasize slow) deep breath in through your nose nose until your lungs won’t hold any more, then slowly (and again I emphasize slow) let all the air out through your mouth. That’s all there is to it, just keep repeating the slow breats for 15 to twenty minutes; in through the nose and out through the mouth. For some people it actually helps if they actually think the two phrases “in through the nose,” and “out through the mouth” as they do it.

    The slow deep breaths do two things for you. Breathing in through the nose actually requires a little more effort for your muscles, especially for those of us with obstructive sleep apnea. By filling your lungs slowly to their capacity you increase the amount of oxygen the blood absorbs at one time. The effect of the exercise and extra oxygen causes the body to release endorphins – a natural pain reliever and the same chemical that makes you feel good when you laugh.

    another trick you can use with this exercise is to mentally say a prayer. One line as you breathe in through the nose, and the next as you breathe out.

    Again, I apologize for the long winded explanation, but this really works. It is one of the techniques for relaxation that they teach at natural child birth classes. Once you have done this for 20 minutes or so you will be relaxed enough to sleep easier. (It also teaches you to breathe in through your nose which is helpful for the c-pap)

  2. I appreciate your prayers and your suggestion, Joe. I don’t have any trouble getting to sleep, but I will certainly use your relaxation breathing when I can’t get back to sleep. And don’t apologize for a long comment. Doesn’t bother me, and I appreciate your feedback greatly!

  3. That’s a great description for deep breathing relaxation, Joe!

    DB, I’m wondering if it would help if you used it every second night. That helped my ex for awhile. I can certainly understand you wanting the mental fog to lift and the fatigue to go away some.

    You can feel assured that you did the best you could, though.

  4. I agree, Marion. That is a very easy to follow set of directions. I may try the every other night ia next week, if I’m not better by then. “But I intend to have it licked by then,” she said, with a very determined jut of her little jaw.

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  7. I’m a fellow mouth breather, so I read this with disturbed interest. If this mask works but leaves you awake, what about drugs? I use a sleep aid to keep me sedated, and another which works fine for about 1.5-3 hours (in case I wake in the morning). Doctors will say that sleep assisted sleep isn’t as good as non-assisted sleep. I find though it is FAR superior to NO or little sleep.

  8. I get used to sleep meds very quickly, Elizabeth, and they stop working for me. So I use them very, very sparingly. I don’t usually have so much trouble getting to sleep – it’s staying asleep that’s my problem.

    I was ready to quit trying last night, but I’m not really ready to quit. I’m just very frustrated. And I definitely agree that assisted sleep is far better than no sleep at all.

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