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Can’t Take Meds I Used to Take — 6 Comments

  1. Spooky….Just started looking into drug interaction and PD meds myself. Everytime the kids got a cold they would be clear in a couple days, when I got the same cold I would be ill for weeks. Finally realised it must be a reaction with the meds so yesterday wifey went to ask what was safe to take as i have another cold…She waited 15 minutes to speak to the pharmacist and they just said take nothing and steam it out…Great!!!

  2. It seems like PD manages to invade every single part of our lives, doesn’t it Ripley. You can use a saline solution squirted in your nose to help unstuff, plus putting a towel over your head over a sink full of hot water. That’s just about it for us, though. I sympathize with you and am not looking forward to dealing with Winter colds, myself.

    As much time as I spend researching all my prescription options, it still amazes me that my brain went on automatic, and it didn’t even occur to me to check before using the Sudafed.

    IF it’s an allergy reaction, you might check to see if you can take Benadryl and/or Chlorotrimiton, as my pharmacist said these were safe for me.

  3. I am so sorry you had a tangle with Poison Ivy! What a mess!

    But how fortunate that you became aware of such a crucial thing as the drug interactions! Perhaps you saved yourself some future grief.

    I have had more experience with drug interactions than I want to think about. I am so glad you are on top of it now.

  4. Vicks and Airborne are the two things that get me through cold and flu season. Just a little dab of vicks on the forehead above each eye, and again on the cheek bones below each eye (directly over the main sinus cavities)works like a charm for me.

    I just discovered “Airborne” last year – completely natural. The little tablet dissolves in a small cup of H2O in minutes, and tastes kind of like Alka Seltzer. It is supposed to boost the immune system. Not sure how, but it works real good for me. Usually when I get a cold it will last for weeks, but since I started taking that stuff, the colds only seem to last a couple of days.

  5. Our yard has always been full of poison ivy, Marion. There have been years when I couldn’t even walk around out there without getting in a mess. I was beginning to think I was going to escape it this year … then wham! I have read that this year’s crop is particularly irritating.

  6. I’ll second your recommendation about Vicks, Joe. I’ve used it my whole life, and find it very effective for unstopping a stuffy nose, as well as easing the inflammation in swollen glands and a sore throat.

    I’ve never heard of Airborne, though. Must be a regional item.

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