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Cpap Adventure Continues — 6 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about the C-PAP issues you are having. You may be able to solve some of the skin issues – the itching – by applying a very small amount of “vaseline intensive care” to the skin where the mask rubs. (Don’t use just straight vaseline because that will cause one huge greasy mess. The intensive care lotion in small amounts will be absorbed by your skin) I stress small amount because too much will make the mask slide all over. The vaseline provides a protective barrier in case the mask is composed of something that is causing you to itch. Also, if you are itching because of the friction from the mask – the vaseline will decrease that also – (A&D ointment will do the same thing if you prefer)

    Also, if you continue to have issues with too much moisture in the tubing, ask your supplier if you can get a “condensation trap” like people with tracheostomys use for their oxygen tubing. The tubing on the c-pap is pretty close to the same size as trach tubing, so the trap will probably fit without too much difficulty. The trap itself is just a little tiny bottle that is connected to the tubing about half way between the machine and the mask. It can be unscrewed and emptied whenever needed. Again, I am not sure if it will fit – I would be surprised if it does not, the tubing is so close in size to trach tubing. The other possible draw back would be that it might decrease the amount of constant pressure the machine is putting out, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Joe. I have been using an Aloe lotion, trying to use just enough to protect my skin, without keeping the mask from sealing. I found a heated tube on the net, but it’s quite expensive. There are also insulated covers for the tubes, that are relatively cheap. I’ll certainly check into the condensation trap thingy.

  3. DB,
    I’m sorry to hear these problems continue. It all sounds so complicated that I’ll bet a lot of people just give up trying to make it work. I hope you can figure out a way to get more good nights of sleep.

  4. Thanks goodness, Shelia, many people tolerate the cpap mask from the very first, with no problems. I did get about 4 or 5 hours on it last night, and then slept another 2 hours on my side. So that’s better than I was doing before the cpap.

    These other problems, however, are not showing any signs of improving, and that is very depressing.

  5. DB,

    I’m so glad to hear, even with all the continuing problems, that you are able to garden a little bit. When I get my hands in the dirt, it immediately balances me, and I feel so much more stable.

    That Lasagna Garden sounds as if it’s coming along really well.

  6. Working in the yard early in the morning has been good for me, Marion. I tend to work a lot longer than I would just doing exercises, and I have the satisfaction of seeing I’m accomplishing something. I’m guessing I have about a 10 to 15 foot long row of compost now, about 2 feet high and probably 2 or 3 feet wide. And I still haven’t used up all the chips that were left where the stumps were ground. There’s still a huge pile of chips at the back of our yard from the branches. I figure I’ll be working on it all winter!

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