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CPAP Goes Bye Bye — 7 Comments

  1. Keep trying, DB…you have more stick-to-itness than anybody I know. That CPAP would have ended up as a wall decoration, if I had had to try it! lol!

    I have heard of people having good luck with the dental thing. I know you will go into the situation with everything you’ve got, at any rate!

  2. Dang thing – that’s about right, Shelia!! I don’t use 1track as an ID for nothing, Marion. I can be very stubborn, and I don’t like to let anything beat me. But there’s such a thing as being pig headed, and it was time to stop being so frustrated.

    I had the impressions made today, and paid for the thing, so I’m sure going to do my best to make this TAP device work.

  3. Good luck with the dental device. I tried one once. I had problems with it mostly because I am a mouth breather and the device I tried fit in such a way that it blocked off my airway even further than it normal. I felt like I was gasping for every breath I got.

  4. Oh I do hope that doesn’t happen with me, Joe. If this doesn’t work, I’ll just have to forget the whole apnea idea. That’s something I really don’t want to do, as I am sure it is contributing to the insomnia and brain fog.

    My doctor says that mouth breathing is something that behavior modification can correct, and I sure hope he’s right.

  5. You probably had something like I had tried years ago, Joe, to try to stop grinding my teeth. I gave up on making that thing fit, too. But, I’ve had to have almost every tooth in my head crowned, thanks to the grinding chipping them off over the years!

    Knowing that I do grind, I don’t expect to get the 5 year lifespan out of this new device that is reported. But my dentist says they can reuse the titanium parts of it when it has to be replaced, to cut down on the cost.

  6. After reading your latest post about the device your dentist is fashioning for you, I don’t think you’ll run into any problems like I did – the device I used was just a cheap over the counter thing from Wal Mart that you had to mold and fit yourself.

    Good luck

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