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I Told You I Have a Good Doctor!! — 17 Comments

  1. Nice to have you here, Daisy, and to have you on BLOG VILLAGE, too. If you want to get an idea of why I feel the way I do about national health care, you might want to search at the top of the TopList page for Ruth’s blog, There are a Million Stories in the Naked City, and Marion’s blog, Herbal Connection, on the BLOG VILLAGE TopList. Look back to about March or so, where both were trying to deal with extremely serious care giving issues in socialized medicine countries.

  2. Daisy, I didn’t even think to ask the doctor if it was OK to try the Beano. I gather from your comment that I should have. As it turns out, he said he didn’t think it would help my particular problems.

  3. We’ll have to disagree on that, Rosemary. I guess if I had a good doctor I might agree with you; as it is, my husband’s doctor doesn’t remembers his name from one visit to the next–and since every other person in South Carolina has his name, that can be risky. He’s having no luck with his issues, and he isn’t happy about it.

    BTW, check out some Omega 3s, if you aren’t already taking them; fish or flax oil is best. 🙂

    My first visit to your blog, and very nice to be here!

  4. PS: are you allowed to take digestive enzymes like Bromelain? (I think Beano is in that category.) I use Enzymedica brand, Digest Gold. These can eliminate a lot of gas, but some doctors do not like their patients to take enzymes if they are getting frequent blood work.

  5. Now I’m confused, Daisy. I thought when you said you disagreed that you meant you were FOR national health care. So what WERE you disagreeing about?

    I did know about the activated charcoal, but my situation is rather complicated. The gas is simply one of the more noticeable symptoms. It’s the underlying cause that needs correcting, IF Dr. B can just figure out what that cause is.

    I’ll have to try to find your post about national health care. Send me the link, would you, in case I can’t find it.

  6. Try some enzymes! Also, activated charcoal, but never take with meds or it can interfere with absorption. The charcoal is just a sort of highly-concentrated Rolaids and pretty safe.

    I’m an herbalist, too, so I can certainly understand a fear of nosyparker-government regulation.

    I am actually arguing about that RIGHT NOW on another blog! 😛

  7. The problems we have with our health care lies directly with the administration of it, and not with the medical people…the doctors, nurses and caregivers who go beyond the call of duty so many times to give good care, even with the limitations imposed.

    I still recall, a few years ago when my children were small, my doctor would make house calls, under national care. Phone calls from a doctor even now are not unusual, but rather the norm, in my experience.

    But the medical people can only do so much, if operating rooms are closed, if MRI’s are not used because of the almighty dollar, and if there is a shortage of specialists that treat diseases.

    And you are right. There are enormous wait times, and I can’t just call up a specialist and make an appointment. I have to be referred.

    But on the whole, I still believe every being is entitled to receive health care, and nobody can be refused health care here. Nobody…it matters not whether you are rich or poor. With the same care everybody else is offered.

    I have a friend with PD who will be going in for Deep Brain Stimulus Surgery next week. His wait time was a few months shy of a year. I consider that to be far better than it has been.

    He is on a gluten free diet. According to his doctor, people with neurological problems should be gluten free, as it helps with digestive problems.

    I am so glad you have confidence in your doctor, DB…that is, for me, half the battle. I will go that extra mile, if I know that I am being heard by someone who is trying to help.

    Sorry for the long-winded comment, lol!

  8. You certainly don’t need to apologize for a long comment, Marion. Your situation is one of the ones that has convinced me I do not want national health care. I didn’t mean to imply that I thought the medical people were inferior, but rather that the bureaucracy breeds inefficiencies and delayed service. I suspect you can agree with that, to some extent anyway.

    I’ll have to check on the gluten free diet. Thanks for the tip.

  9. I absolutely agree with you, DB…just wanted to make myself clear. I don’t know what the answer is, in this case, I don’t really know which system works the best.

    I know this province was in dire straits not long ago, and it may be too early to tell, but it seems to be moving along a bit better these days.

    My partner is on a gluten free diet, although he does not have PD. It took some getting used to, but it has definitely helped his digestion problems.

    That journal sounds like it might be fun reading, at some point, lol!

  10. That’s one journal you will never see, my dear!!! Every “event” documented in all its glory, time stamped and all. I’ve been pretty much chained to that journal for days now. I’m trying to eat a little bit of everything that I would normally have in my diet, so he’ll get a complete picture of what is going on. I figure I’ll call his office tomorrow and report in.

  11. I’m so glad you have a good doctor Rosemary; I see you mentioned my blog in your comment and know you realise the problems I’ve had with our National Health System. Wishing you well :o){{HUGS}}

  12. You have been tagged for The Personal Development List. I would love for you to participate.

  13. I see Priscilla beat me to it. I have nominated you for the Outstanding Personal Development Bloggers list. See my latest meme.

  14. I really do appreciate both of you for considering me for such an important sounding list, Jackie and Priscilla. Frankly, I don’t see how I belong on it, but your kind thoughts are appreciated, nevertheless.

    I’ll have to put my thinking cap on and see who I can add to it. If I understand correctly, I write about my additions here in a post, then send the list to the Personal Development blog?

  15. Dear, dear Ruth. I know your frustration with your health system, and ache for you that it made everything so much harder on you both. I pray that you have a brighter future ahead, and good luck with the schooling, too!!

  16. One of the blogs I read,, she is a Mississippi girl who is married to a German man and living in Germany. She has written my times about the national health care system in Germany. Her husband is a quadriplegic and she is diabetic. Their doctor makes housecalls and is very kind.

    But, I do agree with you that we should not change our system to be completely a national health care system. Our system is the best in the world for those who can afford it. The majority of the medical advances and new technology comes out of our system of competition. I believe we do need to change our system to include the poor, it is shameful how many Americans are denied health care. But, I don’t think we need to totally rip apart what we have in order to include others.

    I hope your journal helps your doctor figure out what is wrong so you are feeling better soon.

  17. I agree 100% Marsha, that anyone who cannot afford to pay for their own health care should have a way to get quality care anyway. And I’m glad that you know people who do get good care under socialized medicine. I just see too many places for waste in a system run by our government. I’m too much of a conservative, I guess, as I really don’t want the government running everything.

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