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7+ Hours Sleep Again! — 8 Comments

  1. Okay…which post do I need to read to understand why you have to adjust a SCREW in your lower jaw! Productive days are in order for both of us. I was able to get a lot done today too.

  2. You are dealing with so much on top of the PD and it’s no wonder the emotions bubble over. Maybe with all of the estate stuff out of the way, things will settle down for a while.

  3. Try Catching Up , Janey Loree. LOL

    The idea is to gradually increase the amount my lower jaw juts out, until I find the spot that keeps the back of my throat open while I sleep. It’s exactly the same principal as bringing the jaw forward when doing CPR.

    Glad to hear you accomplished a lot, too!

  4. DB, things have a habit of building up in me, as well. The frustration of not being able to remember where I put something important can become unbearable.

    Letting it out is good, too. I”m glad you’re getting sleep!

  5. I’m sure you’re both right, Shelia and Marion. It’s really not been the estate business that’s been so stressful. It’s been my elimination problems and trying to deal with the apnea that have kept me in an emotional uproar.

  6. It is uncomfortable when I first put it in, but I get used to it very quickly. When I get up in the night to go to the bathroom, it doesn’t hurt at all.

    Good luck with the Author’s Carnival!!

  7. I am glad that it is only uncomfortable for a little bit. It’s purpose would be defeated otherwise.

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