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  1. Five hours a night! I think that must be a kind of record for you! What good news.

    Handicap Parking Placards are meant to be used to aid those of us who need them. I will one day require one myself…thanks for the warning about checking the permanent disability box. I will be sure to be aware of all those mixed feelings!

  2. I would like to add a few more hours to that 5, if I possibly can. I get so sleepy in the afternoon and early evening that I’m miserable.

    My Neuro gave me the signed permit application without so much as a blink. It isn’t that simple for me. The ER trip really hit me hard that I will be getting worse, and the permit just cinches it.

  3. Great to hear you get the 5 hours, hopefully that will increase.

    Turmeric and peppermint help me a lot so pleased you are trying them.

  4. I’m waking up much more rested these days, Jackie, thanks!

    I had to stop the Peppermint, though. My GERD is so bad that I could taste the menthol for hours and feel the cool in my stomach, along with the heartburn, even though I was careful to take the gel cap with the least possible amount of water. I guess I need double enteric coated, eh??

  5. I am doing better, Janey Loree, but I do appreciate your prayers! It seems like a hundred years ago when we were trying to make BidChaser work, doesn’t it???

  6. Wow DB! I need to not complain so much. I am sincerely thankful that you are finding a way to cope with these ailments. You are always in my prayers.

    I was reminding my mother that we met you over at Bidchaser two years ago! May God bless you intensely for the next two years!!!

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