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Drug Interaction Still Causing Problems — 10 Comments

  1. You might find some help at I get Heather’s newletters and find tons of great info in them.

    I must admit since becoming Vegan my IBS isn’t the hell it was for all the years since I was a child due to a tropical disease I got then leaving a lot of scar tissue in my colon.

    I find it worrying that you are on so many meds and who knows how they all react to each other.

  2. Thanks for the link, Jackie. I can see I have a lot of unlearning to do about what to eat. I’m not sure if he gave me an “official” diagnosis of IBS or not, but he did say it was colon spasms.

    And you’re right, I do take an awful lot of medicine. But I have lots of things wrong with me LOL!!

    I did stop the St. John’s Wort, as I read some more and decided I’d better wait until the Neurologist told me that one was OK for me.

  3. I decided much the same, about taking some pro-active measures on my own, DB. After Graham saw a Naturopathic doctor, he got much better, with the diet she placed him on.

    I am going to do the same…I already use different herbal remedies for various things. I find I do very well on herbal medications, as opposed to the chemical compositions.

    And what I meet makes a great difference as to how I feel…certain foods do not agree!

  4. I’ll have to be just as careful with my choice of natural compounds as I would anything else, Marion. Really, they ARE medicines. You just don’t have to have a prescription to get them.

    I’m planning on asking my Neuro about Macuna Pruriens, too. This is a natural source of Levadopa, which is not supposed to be as hard on the digestive system. But I wouldn’t dare take that unless he concurred.

  5. Another suggestion: try eliminating wheat from your diet for a couple of weeks and see if that helps. My little had a difficult time digesting wheat when she was younger, which led me on a journey of discovering that many, many people have this problem with wheat and do not realize it. I hope you find a solution and your belly feels better soon. That doctor makes me so mad, he should have checked his computer before letting you leave with a prescription for something you couldn’t have.

  6. Oh, Marsha, I hope you’re wrong about wheat. I know there are people with celiac disease who can’t eat anything with wheat in it, but I can’t imagine what eating would be like without it!

    I’ll admit I’m disappointed that my Gastro didn’t catch this, but I have been too impressed with him for years to get mad. Besides, earlier this year my Neuro also didn’t catch an interaction that my pharmacist did catch.

  7. I have two bits of info that you may find helpful: First, it is simple enough to find out if it really is celiac sprue disease by having blood work done – specifically by testing immunoglobulin levels.With celiac, they test 4, sometimes 5, different Ig levels, and it is important that you do not change your diet prior to the testing. Intolerance to Gluten is what causes the Ig levels to be off. If you change your diet befor testing you will get a false negative result.

    Second: I am not sure if this applies to you or not, but I sat bolt upright in bed this morning remembering a patient I once took care of that had every symptom you described…we finally realized it was one of his medications that was causing the problem – Prilosec. We took him off that and voila, problem solved. Since then we have had other patients with the same issues, and changed them to a different med to treat their acid reflux and found it helped several(not all)of them – just a thought. I wish you well, and I will continue to wrack my brain for anything else that may be of use.

  8. This is really strange, Joe. I have been on Protonix for years, but my insurance changed, and it was going to cost me $100 a month if I did not go to the generic form. My Gastro really didn’t recommend the change, but said he understood, and prescribed it.

    I just realized this week, while double checking every med I take for interactions, that I’m on Omeprazole, which is the generic form of PRILOSEC, not Protonix!! Obviously, I’ll be talking to my doctor about that, for sure!!

    Thanks so much! Sorry I made you bolt straight up in bed, though. LOL

  9. What you need is a medical doctor who has changed over to alternative medicine. There are many these days and have the advantage of knowing what you need med wise and what herb/homeopathic would replace some meds without harm.

    Wish you could go for a week to Dr McDougall’s health center. He is brilliant and I love his sensible newsletters (and recipes).

  10. I’m doing all the research on alternative medicines I can from the Internet, Jackie. I drink several different herbal teas, plus now I’ve added the enteric coated peppermint oil gel caps to my growing list of meds. The coating is supposed to keep them from dissolving in the stomach. I’m not really sure if I will be able to use the peppermint, though. I have really bad GERD, and I’m feeling the menthol effect all the way up to my throat, even though I take the gel cap with the minimum amount of water. I’m also taking turmeric capsules to calm my colon and as an excellent antioxidant.

    I’ll be sure to check out your Dr. McDougall’s site.

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