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Requesting Your Prayers — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve been updating myself on your posts, DB. What an incredible blog this is turning out to be…there is just a huge amount of info here, relevant to all areas of life.

    I did not know about Parkinson’s and melanoma. Thank you for the info. And I will certainly keep both the ladies in my prayers.

    Keep up the really good work you do here, in such a positive way. I am so glad you got seven hours of sleep!

  2. You flatter me, Marion. Maybe the reason you see this blog as useful is that I have so doggone many things wrong with me to talk about!

    Be sure to pass the info about Melanoma along to your uncle, is it? Not sure about ho it was that you were having for dinner some time ago. Or maybe I have the wrong person in mind completely??

  3. I will for sure pass this along! He is a life long friend; he recently underwent Deep Brain Surgery,and is doing very well.

    thank you for remembering! Wow, lol…see what I mean?

  4. Well, I almost remembered who it was, but at least I did remember the correct person’s blog, Marion. By all means, make him aware of this, as the statistics are disturbing.

  5. This is proving to be very interesting. I wasn’t aware about the connection between melanoma and PD either. I have been watching a couple of spots on myself with some trepidation over the last few months, wondering about them. I have been putting off doing anything about them because they don’t have any of the characteristics of melanoma, or any of the other skin cancers I have seen on my patients. I guess its time to have them looked at anyway.

  6. By all means, Joe, get them checked out. I made my appointment, but couldn’t get a routine baseline checkup until January. I feel sure, since you have some suspicious places, that you would be able to get an appointment sooner than that. Please keep us all informed. The odds, according to one place I found, run anywhere from 2 to 10 times more incidence of melanoma with PD!!

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