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Some Things Better, Progress with Others — 2 Comments

  1. I’m glad things are looking up for you. I certainly understand the whole “drug reminder” situation. Right now I currently have a watch with 3 alarms. The only problem is that it often goes off while I am in the middle of a meeting at work, so I have to shut it off quickly, but I can’t always leave the meeting at that point to take my pills and I end up forgetting about them for a couple of hours (sometimes even forgetting altogether.)

  2. If you don’t need too many alarms, there are several watches and other kinds of reminders onepill.

    The Timex will hold up to 200 alarms, but it only gives you one nag reminder 5 minutes after the pill is due. There is a group of users on Yahoo, and some of them have written small apps that provide different functions. I’m hoping one of them can help me figure out a way to make the watch continue to nag me when I get busy and don’t take my meds on time.

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