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Took a Rest from TAP — 10 Comments

  1. Wow, that device sounds complicated…kudos to you for continuing on with it. Are you saying your mouth has to remain open the whole time you’re asleep? I would think your mouth would dry out something terrible, if I’m understanding this right. And I would think it could get painful?

    Take care, DB!

  2. Dear Rosemary,

    I would like to welcome you and anyone interested in learning more about stem cell treatment for PD and its potential, to visit our website. There you can watch videos of real life patients’ progress – before and after receiving treatment for their symptoms, as well as read blogs and personal accounts of their stay at our hospital. You can also e-mail me directly at if you have any questions at all.

    Great blog btw!

    Best wishes,


  3. Well, I did make it sound complicated, didn’t I, Marion! It’s not so bad, and no, my mouth stays closed all night. The top and bottom denture looking parts are connected to each other in the front.

    I’m hoping if nothing else that it will get rid of the mouth breathing habit, in case I do have to go back to the CPAP machine. But I plan you this working!!

    It’s uncomfortable when I put it in, but when I wake up in the night it isn’t bothering me at all.

  4. I’d like some more info about leg neuropathy.My husband has lost most of the sensation in his feet.
    We are so new at this and appreciate any info you might have to share.

  5. Hi anonymous! Has any type of diabetes been ruled out? That’s the most common cause of peripheral neuropathies, other than repetitive injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It can also be caused by the lack of certain key nutrients in the diet. What kind of doctor has your hubby seen?

    As for my own neuropathy, I have considerable weakness in my right leg, particularly. I’m fortunate that I have very little pain, and mostly tingles, rather than numbness.

  6. Reminds me of the horrid contraption I had as a child at night to stop me breathing through my mouth and grinding my teeth. It always kept me awake and with me it didn’t work as I still breathe through my mouth and grind my teeth. You appear to be having better results with yours as they must have vastly improved in the last 50 years.

  7. Oh My, Jackie!! What a horrible thing to put in a child’s mouth!! I’m sure this is vastly improved over whatever torture rack they had you in that long ago. This is really not that bad. I was doing some more research yesterday and found out that it I do have to go back to CPAP, they can attach the mouth cover to the TAP and I would just have the nostril pillows, with NO straps or other bindings. That I could live with, if it comes to that. I’m glad I got the TAP, as it seems to be the best alternative for me.

  8. Hi dixie pixie! Nice to have you here. I’m assuming you are the pixie from the Patients Like Me site.

    I look forward to seeing you here again soon.

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