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Tummy in Rebellion — 6 Comments

  1. Sorry about the upchuck! My mom had PD and she had the most sensitive stomach (and was notorious for mixing foods she knew better than to mix!)

    I hope you can find something soothng.

    ~Carol D. O’Dell
    author of Mothering Mother
    available on Amazon

  2. Glad to have you stop by, Carol. Your book looks very interesting, and I’m looking forward to reading some of your Virtual Book Tour on Shake, Rattle & Roll.

  3. You’re going through a very tough bout of it, DB…I do hope things will look up soon, with your appts. coming up. I’m thinking of you!

  4. DB, I felt bad hearing about this latest trouble. I hope the appointment with the doctor provided some encouragement. Bless your heart.

  5. Joe, Marion, and Sheila – thanks to you all for being such caring friends. Things are still very much undecided, but I am better than I was a few days ago, anyway. {{{HUGS}}} to you all!!

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