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Insurance Has APPROVED My Dental Appliance!! — 8 Comments

  1. Glad to hear the dentists costs are covered. How wonderful for you to actually get eight hours sleep, I hope it continues and the insomnia is a thing of the past.

  2. I slept well last night, too, Jackie. I really think this is the solution for me. And then to have it covered under my insurance just makes it that much better.

  3. Things are really looking up for you, DB!

    My daughter has Thanksgiving and Christmas now, too. I handed it over to her a couple of years ago, and just contribute. I get to sit with the grandkids and enjoy!

    Another very close friend of ours has just been diagnosed with PD. He is very self-conscious and will not discuss it, with anyone, his family least of all. I am so glad to know you, DB, your blog will help me a lot with my friend.

  4. I’m sorry to hear your friend has been diagnosed with PD. A lot of people react by refusing to talk about it in the beginning. If he’s into computers, you might want to give him my blog address. Or, maybe he would like to join the Patients Like Me website. He can lurk and read what lots of PWP have to say about every imaginable topic, plus get help in tracking the progression of his symptoms and the medicines he is put on.

  5. Congratulations on the insurance/sleep apnea situation. Just knowing the insurance will take care of it should make you sleep even better yet! 🙂

    As for Thanksgiving, you may not have enjoyed the cooking, but you must have done something right to make the day special. If you didn’t, your daughter wouldn’t want to take over the tradition, so congratulations on another job well done.

  6. I had been warned to expect a battle over the insurance, Joe, so this was a wonderfully pleasant surprise. I continue to get 7+ hours each night, with very little advancement of the lower jaw.

    As for Thanksgiving, we always have treasured our family getting together. I just don’t like to cook. period. Hubby took over when I got so sick last year with all the tummy problems, and I think he enjoys it. At least, he’s not hinting for me to take it back over. Suits me just fine.

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