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My Pharmacist wears an S under his lab coat!! — 4 Comments

  1. No kidding, DB! I have one of those superman pharmacists…Every time I’m given a new drug by my doctor, I have him check it out with my other prescriptions. So far so good…other than drug interactions I’ve had, which he helped with, as well.

    I’m so glad he’s watching out for you! He’s doing his job really well, for sure…especially when he’s caught problems three times!

  2. He’s worth whatever extra we pay him over using a discount pharmacy, as far as I’m concerned. Years ago, when we did not have a drug store in town, I had to drive about 40 miles round trip in the throes of the flu to get medicine. It was horrible.

  3. i can relate. i had dropped off a script that my neuro had written he change a script from a pill to a capsle form and i was concered since i had read u cannot do that with this medication. my pharmacist checked it out and called me at home to assure me it was ok. he has done this several times to make sure what i am taking is ok with everything else i am on he even called me once while i was on vacation. i was so thankful he is concerned and makes sure before he gives it to me. i have seen meds mistaken never caught and ended up in death.

  4. Thank goodness we can depend on our pharmacists to watch out for us, Lee. It’s very reassuring knowing mine is keeping a vigilant eye on everything I take.

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