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Sunday Shoes Are a Problem — 7 Comments

  1. Good luck with the shoes, DB…having just gone through orthotic devices and shoes that fit them AND my feet gives me some understanding of your dilemma.

    But there is nothing like shoes that cushion and aid the problem areas in the feet…it changes my whole outlook!

  2. Glad to hear you have found a way to get your feet comfortable, Marion. There’s nothing worse than sore feet! I stood all day long for 29 years as a school teacher, walking from one student to another to help them, or standing at the board explaining something. I never did like a desk. In fact, for about the last 10 years or so, I didn’t even have a desk in the room. I suddenly realized one day that it was taking up valuable space in the room for no reason. A filing cabinet and a little roll around cart worked much better for me.

  3. mmmm…my daughter, also a teacher, rarely uses her desk. It is telling on her, that constant standing.

    Hope you find something that will allow you to feel dressy, and also comfortable.

  4. I actually did find something that I can wear without feeling self conscious. They are Skechers sneakers, one in suede and the other in black leather. I ordered the black ones over the internet, after I had bought the suede ones, so I’m still taking a chance that my toes won’t like them. Supposedly, you can send the shoes back to without a charge.

  5. Thanks for the link about the avocados, Jackie. I knew you would steer me to the best source of info. Sounds like you quit wearing skirts about the same time I did. Those mini’s pushed me into pants, for sure!! I wore my new Skechers Sunday, and didn’t feel the least bit conspicuous, so I guess I’ve solved that problem for now, anyway.

  6. As my feet always hurt and cramp I gave up the idea of looking good years ago and generally wear decent looking black or brown sneakers which I can generally get away with as I wear slax not skirts and dresses since I turned around 50. I do have a couple of pairs of sandals with heels for things like weddings but they get swopped the moment I move from church to the reception.

    About you query on avos, go to . Has stacks of info on everything you ever need to know (and a great newsletter). I like Fuerte green skinned ones which you can feel are ripe as they give when pressed and they also taste good as well which I don’t find the black skinned Haas ones do. Don’t worry about the fat content, very safe form of oil (I know I eat two avos a day and use avo oil in many things) just don’t mix meat with avos or add mayonnaise then the oil/fat content too high and the calories rocket as well.

  7. Glad you could spend Thanksgiving with your family and have them do the cooking. I love it when my son and daughter-in-law cook. They were here this year and my son made the dressing and a pie.

    I hope you are successful with finding a good pair of shoes that are dressy enough for church. With pants though most people wouldn’t notice your shoes.

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