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  1. Hi my dear It’s POKIE…I hope you don’t think I’m dogging you. I don’t know wheither you ready or not but I got referred to a rhuematolgist too. I could feel your depression when you posted after the dr visit. I go January 14 to the new doctor. I don’t view this as bad just another step but I kind of view us as kindred spirits but I don’t want to bring you down. I too have went to estate sales and garage sales for some thirty years and could proably have two or three of my own so I will continue to watch your sites with great interest. Well friend it’s time to start my day God walks with us (you and me) every step of the way……POKIE

  2. I’m SO glad you stopped by! So, they’re waffling on your diagnosis, too, eh?

    We do seem to have a lot in common, don’t we. Our interest in vintage items dates way back to the early 70’s, I think. We were selling at flea markets then. And let’s don’t even talk about how much stuff I have stored in plastic bins, waiting for me to get busy and list them on eBay!!

    You would enjoy reading some of the posts on our Yesterday’s Memories blog, I bet.

  3. I hope you get some definitive answers when you meet with the UAB doctor. How frustrating for you! I am sorry to hear that this uncertainty continues.

    On the subject of “I am Legend” and Will Smith: we saw it last weekend and loved the movie. It was scary for sure but we didn’t leave feeling down at all and we all thought he did a great job. The theater was packed.

  4. It’s very unsettling to have to wait so long to see this doctor, but it can’t be helped.

    As for the movie? Thanks to watching a piece on Nightline, I think it was, we went to see Work Hard. Well we didn’t stay, but left after about 30 minutes. The movie could have been really good, as it was a delightfully funny spoof on every cliche there is from the Rock and Roll era. But they put so much gratuitous nudity and potty mouth language in it, that we just didn’t want to see it. That is the only movie we have ever walked out on. We have turned off a few that we have bought, such as Borak.

    I taught ten year old boys for many years, and can readily recognize their type of show off foul mouth humor. That’s what that movie made me think of.

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