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First Physical Therapy Session — 7 Comments

  1. Enjoy your smoothies. Great way to get extra aminos, vitamins and minerals and so tasty as well. has some great recipes for them.

    Ultra sound is great. Found it helped a lot when I had problems with pain in my wrist.

  2. As always, Jackie, I can depend on you to give me good links! Thanks. I have looked for recipes, but most of what I found called for something exotic as an ingredient, and that is probably not going to happen.

  3. congratulations on your first smoothie…those are full of healthful ingredients, and your recipe sounds especially good.

    The tens machine is really good…I bought one when I had sciatica and it really did help.

  4. LOL! I made a disaster this afternoon, Marion! I tried to salvage it by adding more ingredients, but I would have done better to just throw it away. I learned a lesson from it, and made myself drink it, but I won’t be trying that combination again. ROTFL 😉

  5. I was going to suggest, but it looks like Jackie beat me to it. We do a lot of smoothies around here – best way to get everyone’s nutrients into ’em. Hope the TENS machine thing works for you!

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