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  1. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to have to take all that medication. I am glad you got so much accomplished and that you don’t have skin cancer.

  2. Thanks, Marsha. I get very tired of being tied to that medicine schedule, that’s for sure. Right now, with the PD meds out of the way, I’m only on the stomach and allergy meds, plus the vitamins and herbs I take to keep my general health and antioxidant levels high

  3. Hi DB,

    This morning, as my dear husband started yet another “golightly” routine, I googled “Parkinson’s & constipation” just to see what comes up. Your blog is just great. I should be vacuuming right now, but I’m too engrosed with your story. You have so much valuable information and experiences, and it’s reassuring, somehow, to learn of others with similar problems.
    Bob has been sleeping fitfully and fell last night on his way to the bathroom. Fortunately he was able to get up on his own. There have been other times when he could not and 911 guys came and lifted him into bed.

    You have so many other peripheral problems as well as PD. Bob does too. He was diagnosed with PD one week last summer and a week later with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. His radiation therapy was completed on Jan 31st and now he’s almost through with hormones, etc. I wonder, sometimes, if the PD (which, of course, he’s had for a long, long time) has made him for vulnerable for other diseases. Humm.

    I might mention that we live at the “end of the road” in the snowy (right now) North Cascade mountains, making access to specaialists sometimes a challenge, but our local country doc is well equiped to deal with lots of Bob’s symptoms and we are grateful to him. Our neurologist is a two hour drive away but he gives a lot of assistance by phone. I suspect you may have a similar challenge.

    Thanks for the blog and good luck, Suzanne

  4. Suzanne, I’m so glad you took the time to tell me about your hubby! Please use the Contact form on my About Me to email me, OK? I don’t know if the PD made the cancer worse, but I would imagine it made the surgery and recuperation harder, and that’s a shame. I hope he’s doing better, and sorry to hear that he is falling. Sounds like he needs to use a cane at least during the night. But I know what it is to resist using one, so that may be a battle you wouldn’t win.

    If you don’t want to email me, please consider joining Patients Like Me, as a caregiver, or better if you can get Bob to join, too, as a Parkie. There’s a link on the bottom right side of this blog that will take you there and let you see my information on file there.

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